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Did the Hall County Sheriff's Office Attempt to Murder / Assassinate Justin Freeman?

By J. Freeman on 02/24/2018 02:33:22

So, I've been dragging my feet a little here in act II. Like I say, looking at the unconscionable abuses committed by the monsters in the Hall County Sheriff's Office is not exactly fun for me. And besides, now that I'm not being falsely labelled a criminal, I'm actually able to go to meaningful work - which means I have less time to talk about police abuse.

And you know, when I started this blog I actually intended to talk about more than police abuse, but there's so much abuse I suppose we'll never be done cataloging it all.

Anyway, yesterday's carjacking has set a fire under me. Now the police have stirred themselves up again. They've committed yet another crime and have a motivation yet again to cover it up. So the Freeman family gets to live on high alert for a while. Seeing that dead men make poor witnesses, the police will be itching for any opportunity to come out to my house and kill me. And that, in turn, makes it all the more necessary to tell my story before I end up "shot in self defense" in my own home.

And at that, all the "conservative" Blue-backers and "Romans 13" pseudo-Christians who support every sin and crime committed in the name of the law will scoff. "Justin Freeman, you silly old fool. No one wants to kill you!" But hey, religious frauds said the same thing to Jesus, didn't they? Said the Jews in John 7:20:

"The crowd answered, 'You have a demon! Who is seeking to kill you?'" (ESV)

And of course, Jesus did end up dead (for a while anyway).

So, let's take a little time to look at the facts, and then you can make your own decision about whether or not the police were, or have been, or actively are trying to kill me.

It was the third day - August 5th, 2014 - when the Hall County Sheriff's Office released me from my kidnappers. It's been a while since we've discussed it, so to remind you: I was a Christian minister and conservative political activist, and the police had (for the purpose of punishing me for espousing my Christian faith) maliciously sought out a bogus warrant for my arrest and had then failed to serve that warrant in the process of very violently kidnapping me. I then spent 3 days being tortured - explicitly for my faith and political activism - before my wife was forced to pay a $4,400+ ransom to secure my release.

And my home, which had been so recently ravished by the thugs of Hall County, was no more than a few miles from both the police station and the jail (practically in between them, in fact). It took no discussion for us to determine that it was simply unsafe to stay there overnight, and that it was unsafe to sleep in Hall County anywhere. So, we fled the county and went to stay with some connections elsewhere. I thought that this arrangement would last for no more than a few weeks before someone sane and moral would consider the matter and the charges would be dismissed. Surely after that everything could be straightened out and I could go home.

I never spent a night in my home, or even in Hall County, again.

Of course, I still had to work. We still had things at our house that we needed. We couldn't just wholesale abandon our home for two weeks. So we arranged to drive in to Hall County by morning, and to drive back out by evening. While I was working, Mindy was given strict instructions to keep the doors locked and the curtains drawn. I don't remember exactly when, but at some point we started making sure that no cars were in our driveway so that passers-by would get the impression that our house was empty.

Every day for the rest of that week, there was a sheriff's car parked outside my house. Our house was the only house on the end of a cul-du-sac. We had never seen a police officer park there before, and there could be no reason for them to park there but to wait for us. They were never there when I drove in in the morning. Thankfully they missed me coming and going most times - I only personally saw them sitting once or twice, and not for long, but more than once, as I was pulling out to go to work, I would see the car as it pulled in. Mindy attests that they would stay there for hours on end. I also saw them a few times leaving Bennett Drive as I pulled in.

And this was a terrifying circumstance, because we had now been stripped of all our rights. I was out on bond, and the conditions were more than "pay us $4,400 ransom". The conditions also included:

  • Do not keep or bear arms
  • Submit to any search of yourself and your property
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Do not attend or have any contact with your church

So, in America, you'd like to think that you have some rights, but all it takes is one obviously fabricated accusation by a police officer, and you have no rights anymore. Your home is no longer a safe place. You can no longer defend yourself. All it would take was an "anonymous report" of me doing anything that possibly looked bad (even just drinking a beer), and the police would be able to swoop in and stomp through the house. If anyone was seen holding anything that looked like a gun, or seen just looking suspiciously like he might have a gun, he could be killed. All the police needed to do to justify murdering my entire family was to walk in with an ounce bag of marijuana or a "throw-down" weapon and claim that they had to kill us to defend themselves. Much like the recent case of Chase Maddox and Tierre Guthrie, there would be no meaningful inquiry into the death of a person accused of a crime by the police. My wife wouldn't even be able to find a pastor to bury me or a Christian woman to cry with her.

Oh, and for the record, I've never consumed alcohol or done any other drug, and I never will. I'm a conservative Southern Christian, remember?

So, we were living in very reasonable fear for our lives. Couch's men had already demonstrated themselves to be devoid of morals, so there was no depth to which they might not sink. We already knew they were willing to jail political Christians and to torture them too boot. So if they can do all that why not kill a few innocent people? My supposition is that the HCSO had guessed wrongly that I didn't have enough cash (the product of protestant work ethic and super-frugality) to pay my way out of jail. They thought they'd have me behind bars for years, where no one could hear me scream, but now they had a problem - there was no denying that they had orchestrated the kidnapping of Northeast Georgia's loudest political dissident. If I went on living, it would be no time before the entire political world knew that Couch was an aspiring Nero.

After this went on for a week or so, we decided that we couldn't justify the risk of leaving Mindy Sue and the boys at home. Bond or not, job or not, nothing but the gospel itself was worth dying over here. So we quickly and quietly packed our essentials and left everything else behind. Our invitation to stay at our first safe-house was up at the end of two weeks, and it became clear that we would need a semi-permanent arrangement. Surely everything would be sorted out before my first appearance in September, right? We found a friend who offered to keep us for a few months where we would be hours away from home. For a few more weeks I commuted back-and-forth so that I could keep working, but ultimately we decided it wasn't worth the gas. I started looking for new work where I was.

And we left none too soon. A few months later, we had what I believe was an assassination attempt.

But first, let me tell you about my friend Jesus. No, not THAT Jesus. I mean Hay-soos, my hispanic next door neighbor from my days in Gainesville. Regardless of what Donald Trump may tell you, he was a pretty nice guy. Drove a taxicab. Threw his kids big birthday parties. Spoke very little English. We could usually communicate well-enough with my Spanglish and his Inglaniol. Most of our relationship consisted of lending each other tools. He was really weird about trees for some reason. I had cut a few trees down on my property, and he (for why I don't know) thought that it was illegal to cut down trees and that I needed a permit. He wasn't mad that I had done it of course, but he wanted to know how to get a permit to cut down a tree of his own. I think that's what he wanted anyway. Well, it wasn't long after I left that he either got his permit or disabused himself of the notion that he needed one, because he hired a tree-man to cut down his big old whatever-it-was tree.

That tree landed squarely on my shed.

And it was very soon thereafter that the police showed up at my house in force. Jesus was afraid that he was in trouble for cutting down a tree. He worked through my family members until he finally got a message to me - "I smashed your poco casa with a tree." He left my family with some contact information for a tree company that we could never get in touch with. I called him and he tried to explain what had happened. Having been out of work for a few months at this point, I was getting desperate for money. I told him to find someone to translate and we would get back in touch. I recorded what was left of the conversation. I'm not convinced that Jesus ever really understood the gravity of it all.

But why am I still sitting here talking? Here we have, presented publicly for the first time ever, evidence that the Hall County Sheriff's Office attempted to assassinate me.Listen to what he said for yourself.

In this recording we can draw the following set of facts:

  • Police had been coming to my house regularly for as long as I had been away.
  • Police once appeared at my house after nightfall - at least three people with three separate cars.
  • They surrounded the house with guns drawn and flashlights out.
  • When they realized the house was abandoned, they left.
  • I've been telling exactly the same story for over three years now - I'm being persecuted for my faith.

So what were they doing there? It's obvious that I couldn't have done anything to draw them to the house - I wasn't even in town. If they had some "anonymous informant" speaking ill of me, it could only have been a lie because I was a hundred miles away. I didn't have a burglar alarm to go off. I was at the end of the culdusac, and Jesus was my only neighbor. If he didn't call the police, who could have? In subsequent weeks, my lawyer investigated and determined that there was no new warrant issued for my arrest. I hadn't missed a court date. There was no reasonable explanation for the police to be at my house.

If you want my opinion of all this, there's only one explanation that makes the simplest and best use of all the facts. The Hall County Sherrif's Office had a motivation to get rid of me. They waited at my house in the day for months looking for an opportunity to kill me. When it became obvious that I wouldn't be found in the day, they came under cover of darkness with guns drawn to murder me. I believe now exactly what I believed then: that this was a religiously and politically motivated assassination attempt. I am convinced that I am only alive today because I fled Hall County, escaping death by the skin of my teeth.

After that, we decided that the risk of our being found was too high. If the police were looking for me without cause in Hall County, they could work the evidence to find me where I was. I didn't know then if they might have a warrant, but I wasn't about to wait around and find out. Within an hour, we packed our things, left a thankful but non-descript note for our host, destroyed our cellphones, packed up our children (including the one that was in my wife's pregnant belly) and fled the state like a modern day Mary and Joseph running for Egypt.

So, did the Hall County Sherrif's Office attempt to murder a political opponent? I suppose that belief or disbelief rests with you, but I've got no intention of dying and leaving no evidence behind.

Yesterday, the police stole my car (again). Despite the fact that we pose no threat to them and have done no harm to anyone, we have reason to believe that they could be out here instigating trouble at any time. I'm telling the world right now that I've caused no trouble to anyone, and no one has ever produced a single scrap of evidence that I have. Unlike the brutes who accuse me, I have done everything that I can to live morally before God and to obey the law, and I've given one consistent story that has never changed. For the last three and a half years, I have been found to be innocent in every matter they have thrown at me. I'm giving you the evidence of these things as clearly as I can. If something happens to me, please, don't believe the lies being told by the police and the news. Remember this account, think for yourself and defend innocent people like me before it ends up being you and your family.

Hey Google - cache this somewhere. Maybe the modern miracle of the internet can help protect me and my family from these vicious dangerous men.

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