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How Justin Freeman was Kidnapped by the Hall County Sheriff's Office

By J. Freeman on 10/17/2017 06:26:56

It was August 3rd, 2014, and (as discussed previously) I had, for good reason, stood up in church in my capacity as a youth minister and shared my professional opinion about the public education system.

Then I went home. I knew that "Pastor" Jason Berry had gotten his pride hurt by what I said, so I decided it would be good to send him an email and see what could be done to reconcile things. I wasn't planning an apology - I had nothing for which I ought to apologize - but I didn't want to just walk away from the situation. I drafted the email but, on the advice of my wife, I didn't send it. We both thought it would be a good idea to let Jason's head cool overnight before we said anything.

It was the day of my third wedding anniversary, and my wife had made us chicken for dinner. Being the good Southern-stereotype that I am, I was excited about that.

And then I looked up and saw a Sheriff's Deputy (Cameron Parker) walking across my lawn. I peeked out the curtain to see what he was up to, and I was shocked by what I saw - it was like an entire army was marching around my house. There were at least six of them. They also had a K9 unit (a German Shepherd) and at least one officer was carrying an assault rifle.

I couldn't imagine what they were doing with that many people - I knew I hadn't done anything to warrant all those men, so it must have been something else. I lived only a few miles from the Hall County Detention Center, and with this army surrounding my house I supposed that there must have been a manhunt for an escaped murderer. I had a shed in my backyard and a ravine so I guessed that someone could hide there, but it seemed pretty unlikely. I certainly hadn't seen anything.

There was a knock at the door, and I opened it, expecting that I would be polite, answer a few questions of the "Have you seen a man in a striped jumpsuit?" variety, and then get off to my chicken dinner. It didn't happen that way though, because when I opened the door, I realized that the assault rifle was trained on me, and when it became clear that I wasn't an escaped murderer, the rifle didn't go anywhere.

I could tell you more of the story, but why don't we let Cameron Parker's own recording of the event tell the story for us?

Download audio of Justin Freeman's arrest here

Are you okay with what just happened there? If you are, I'm sure that there are some third-world dictatorships that would love to have you as a loyal subject. I mean, let's look at the errors here:

  1. The police are totally unapologetic about the fact that they came to the house without a warrant. Ironically, when she is asked whether or not they ought to have one, one officer says "Holy fuck no."
  2. The police refused repeatedly to explain any charge against me, even after I was in cuffs. They wouldn't even tell my wife the accusation until I'd been dragged away.
  3. Excessive use of force? Check. I was an unarmed man, caught by surprise, not even wearing shoes, getting ready for Sunday dinner, and while I said over and over again "I'm not fighting anybody," I was dragged right out of my front door, thrown to the ground and dog-piled by half-a-dozen armed men.
  4. And we should note that Cameron Parker attacked me as he was saying "We've got a warrant for your arrest." Don't waste any time asking me if I'll go peacefully or anything guys.
  5. When the police finally dragged me off and gave my wife a "reason" for my arrest, the reason is for... disrupting a church service? And in the church where I was ministering? That's not even remotely a crime and they have to know it.
  6. So surely this isn't because of what happened at the church, right? Well, no. Obviously it isn't, and the police come right out and admitted it. Asked if the church was having me arrested, they respond very clearly, "No. We are."
  7. The officers also all claim that they'll "help" each other make the case for obstruction, even though they know it's a bold-faced lie.
  8. To top it all off, they think the whole thing is funny, taking an opportunity to make some kind of moronic jokes about sunglasses.

What more does anyone need to hear? We've already demonstrated that the Hall County Sheriff's Office was out soliciting excuses to arrest me, and in that same link we also heard Jason Berry's persistent claims that this arrest came from "something else" - something with the police. We heard the way that they planted ideas in his head, how they showed him a defamatory flier, and how his level of "fear" ramped up as they continued their phony "investigation".

If you found it hard to believe that I was arrested for giving the middle finger to someone, there's a good reason for your doubts: I wasn't arrested for that. That "middle-finger" (if ever there was one) was just the excuse used by the HCSO to arrest a Christian political opponent.

"But why would they do that?" you ask. Well, that's a story for another day (and we'll get to it), but for now, we're talking about an arrest a government-sponsored kidnapping.

As it turns out, this all happened after the police had sought an invalid warrant for "disrupting a public gathering," a supposed crime whose statute was ruled unconstitutional in 2006 (a whole 8 years prior). And why was it deemed unconstitutional? Because it interfered with the right to free speech. Surprise surprise.

And for the record, I don't think that my activity at 12stone "church" could have violated the "disrupting" statute anyway, because I didn't disrupt a public gathering. As I've said before, there was no disruption, and I waited patiently for the entire church service to end in accordance with the rules.

And if that ludicrous charge, the circumstances of the sham "investigation," and the outlandish conduct displayed in this arrest weren't enough to convince you that the police had it in for me, they also charged me with "Obstruction" - which I suppose is like the point-after kick for cops. How do you charge someone for obstruction when he opens his door, refuses to come outside because you don't have a warrant, and then doesn't fight with you as you violently attack him for calling you "Sir"?

I'll tell you how you do it: if you're a member of the new gestapo and you're conducting politically-motivated kidnappings for a living, obstruction charges are automatic.

So, here's how all of this shook out. Judge Larry Baldwin (an incompetent who will get his own day of reckoning on this site at some point in the future), was left with little choice but to throw the charges out. Of course, by that time the state had figured out that they were in a mess and added another false charge of disorderly conduct, which is why the case kept going. A copy of Baldwin's order is reproduced below:

And don't ask me why he didn't sign it. Like I say, he's incompetent. He probably went to public school and can't spell his name or something. You have my word though that this is the document I received, and unlike my opponents, my word is worth something.

And just so you know, it's impossible to obstruct an officer who is serving an invalid warrant, because arresting someone without a valid warrant is no better than kidnapping. In fact, Georgia law (my literate pig friends from animal farm tell me) allows a person to resist arrest in that case right up to the point of shooting a cop dead right there. Don't believe me? Watch Cameron Parker squirm when he was asked about it at trial:

Having heard the recording, do you believe him? Knowing that he could have rightly been shot dead as a kidnapper, it's no wonder that Cameron Parker would have wanted to intentionally leave the warrant in the car. My lawyer mentioned it again in closing arguments:

So there you have it folks. The news lied to you. The supposedly violent dangerous sovereign citizen who went on a screaming tirade disrupting a church service all comes to nothing, and the reality is that a pacifist Christian minister was kidnapped for teaching his faith.

And what do you hear in the fake news? *Crickets*

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